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Pranoti has always been fascinated with stories. She loved reading them and she loved telling them. It was this love that made her passionate about travel, so much that she made a successful, decade long career in the tourism industry. It wasn’t a planned chapter in her story that she would end up becoming a professional writer, but like a plot twist in a novel, writing is where Pranoti found her calling. 

For her, writing has been always more of a hobby. Tired of the generic content she would see all over social media, her early ventures were in fact writing highly personalised captions for her own profiles that created traction. Something that made her and her close ones see potential in. She would always volunteer to take up any writing work as a side responsibility for the organisations she worked with. Ghost writing for the in-house company publication, writing for the company’s Social Media accounts, their Websites, Brochures, she did it all! These writing gigs gave her the confidence to explore a career in professional writing. From beginning with family and friends, she now has clients across countries!

She finds great joy in being a small part of the success stories of the people she works with.  Today her portfolio of clients includes businesses, influencers, reputed academies, and many other International brands. Such a varied portfolio keeps her at the top of her game; and up to date with industry trends and practices that she applies in her creative communication strategies. With her vast experience, she now prides on bringing quality engagement for her clients.

Not just businesses, but Pranoti’s clients have also included students and young professionals. Her aptitude for efficacious Academic Writing, including but not limited to, ATS friendly & Academic Resume writing, Statement of Purpose, Research Papers, Personal Essays have helped aspiring students reach top tier universities.

 As she continues to draft her own story of success, if you want Pranoti to tell yours too, reach out to her at!

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