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Every penny counts. Help us reach our monetary goals to work on the causes that we personally look into. We have formed a community of like-minded people who believe that raising donations is strictly a non-business thing. We have struggled with the 2% - 7% commission cycle while raising donations. In order to fall out of that trap, we have added this to our platform. Be rest assured that you will receive the updates for your participation in the form of real images. We personally participate in these events to make sure that the funds are utilised for the causes with every penny shelled out! However, we do not participate in any kind of promotional activity for these fundraisers.

Your money = Your decision :)


Image by Annie Spratt
Fundraisers: Press

Aarti Page

  • PranotiWrites Fundraising

Aarti is an established Sr. Software Engineer working with an MNC. She is actively associated with trusts that help cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy to restore their confidence about their body image by donating wigs. Under her project, hair donors give 12'' or more of their hair (black, grey, white, coloured, streaked) to help cancer patients across India. Having her own hairstylist onboard, she gets the donors their desired haircut - free of cost. Donors need to co-ordinate their timings well in advance to schedule a visit.

More causes Aarti is associated with:

Blood donation camps,

Vegetable donation camps to families affected by leprosy,

Diya painting activities for Diwali at girls' orphanage.


Kanav Chavan

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Kanav is an Infrastructure Consultant with a Sociology Law degree. He has been proactively involved in the well-being of the under-privileged by donating clothes, sanitary napkins, school essentials, food grains and non-perishable food items across orphanages in Pune. Kanav's contribution along with his team has been tremendous. Under his campaigns, he has managed to distribute 4Lac+ sanitary napkins, 6Lac+ meals, 15 tons of clothes and more. He also aims to make Pune a hunger-free place. 

More causes Kanav is associated with:

Student services at Vidhyarthi Seva Sangh,

Flood rescue,

Christmas activities at orphanages.


Juhi Tiwari

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Juhi is an Educationist by profession and Altruistic at heart.

Her journey for social causes started with her association with NSS India, while in college. She believes that no help is small and that every person can contribute to eradicating the sufferings of the people and stray animals in their own capacity.

She has been working towards educating slum kids, spreading awareness about female hygiene, and many other women and child development causes. She also cares about stray animals and has been part of initiatives by WSD. Most recently, she has been associated with helping the daily wage workers who are severely affected by the COVID Pandemic. She managed to raise over Rs. 50,000 to support a street bookseller and his family of five who were hanging by the string due to no income for several months.


More causes Juhi is associated with: 

Volunteer work with Teach for India,

Drives across Mumbai for cleanliness,

Saving the girl child.


Amit Jain

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Amit is a Regional head at NITI Aayog. He is dedicated to empowering Widows and Single women to overcome poverty and dependency, through skill-based training that provides employment. Along with his team he has supported capacity building and sustainability. He has helped raise the standard of living of the women in rural zones through vocational training, tailoring and conducting other classes. He has also helped the kids of these widows to learn, read, write and speak confidently in their local language and in English. Under his project, classes are conducted to help these kids fare better in life.

More causes Amit is associated with:

“Women Entrepreneurs Finance support” that eliminates barriers for small and medium-size women-owned businesses and accelerates their programs.

Support nano / micro enterprises in the poor, rural areas in India & around the globe.

Social Cause Support

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