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Death Of Your Brand’s Identity During Pandemic?

Businesses that rely on "I'll start once the lock-down is over" mentality are clearly not exploiting the marketing opportunities IN THE LOCK-DOWN period. It may sound unrealistic but this is surprisingly the ideal time to build up your resistance as a Business for days to come. Do not let laziness become a way of life. Are you a Pessimist? An Optimist? Or even better an OPPORTUNIST? While most Businesses make the mistake of waiting, you could actually turn this adversity into an opportunity.

Turn adversity into opportunity

Our take on the situation?

1. The future is digital. Online platforms have observed a remarkable hike in its viewers by as much as 48% in the Q1 & Q2 itself.

Almost every business that identifies the long-term feasibility of digitisation has moved online. Should you move to online marketing mediums? Yes, you absolutely should. According to research, Marketers also recommend digital platforms over the traditional ones as they are much more cost-effective, have higher conversion ratio, are more accurate and convenient when it comes to calculating the ROI, and are a better medium to interact with the audience directly.

Future is Digital.

2. You ARE the economy.

Every business is either trying to survive or sail through the crucial times by giving in to negotiation. There's no better time to find budget friendly services and tools which may cost you higher in the later times. There are offers running for you everywhere you see. This is the right time to build alliances and conduct online workshops & seminars. If you are waiting for the situation to get better to start investing in these activities, then you should probably do it the other way around. Some famous publications claim that the recovery of economy is 9 to 12 quarters away. But a renowned publication once also claimed that flying planes is impossible for another 8 to 10 million years. Wright brothers flew one literally two months after.

Will economy recover post pandemic?

3. People actually have time to PAY ATTENTION! Are you reaching out?

With good quality and engagement capacity of your content, this is THE time when your gigs could cultivate more readers, subscribers, viewers, followers and potential buyers. With the right inputs and awareness you could create a demand for your brand. Try it out with small market experiments to believe it. Take it one step at a time. Go big only once you secure the right audience.

Gain more readers, subscribers, viewers, followers and potential buyers.

4. Your network really is your NET worth.

A survey says that more than 33% of people are open-minded about trying new things out. This is the ideal time to network with people, exchange ideas and gain quantifying benefits out of your reach. What you see as turbulence might actually be a quake created for your own growth.

Your network really is your NET worth

5. Quality is not OPTIONAL anymore.

All due credits to our falling economy, quality is simply not restricted to hygiene anymore. High calibre has become a safety net to survive and thrive for a longer run. Not that it should have been any different before, but it has now become a compelling reason and a necessity. So why not seize the opportunity and start making your best buys now?

Quality is not OPTIONAL

Let us know your take in the comments section below?


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